Student's Mental health is a priority

Project Rummana advocacy, education, support, and awareness so that all students, stuffs and families affected by mental illness can build better lives
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Project Rummana is the first non-profit organization to focus on student’s mental health well-being in Bangladesh.
More adolescent adults are now depressed than ever with growing rates of suicide. Infact, mental-health related deaths are currently the most common form of death among young adults in Bangladesh.
Did you know, research by Dhaka Medical College shows that 2 hours of Project Rummana’s workshop has shown effective long-lasting positive results?

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Taqiul Ghani

Founder and project leader

Lake Forest College '25


Logistics and Operation Head

Yangzhou University '25

Ramisa Ahmed

Public Relations Head

BRAC university '25


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” This project is close to my heart and we will achieve our vision with determination.” Taqiul Ghani