History of Project Rummana

Taqiul Ghani established the non-profit organization Project Rummana in Bangladesh in 2021 as a result of the untimely death of his mother from COVID-19. He founded the organization to give attention to students' mental health because he saw there was a shortage of such support for them in the nation. This was proven correct after his own journey of grief and lack of support from any organization. Project Rummana, which is named after his mother Rummana, seeks to address various mental health issues among students by providing workshops, counseling, and treatment. Through its steadfast dedication, the organization has made a positive difference in the lives of over 5,000 students and actively promotes a culture in which everyone had access to mental health resources. The organization's expansion and advocacy for mental health support in Bangladesh were inspired by Taqiul Ghani's own struggle and grief from the loss of his mother

Introducing Our Esteemed Advisory Body Member

We are honored to introduce Brig. Gen. Md. Nasimul Gani (Retd), a distinguished member of our advisory body at Project Rummana. He has a remarkable career spanning 36 years in military service, including diplomatic and UN assignments, General Gani brings a wealth of experience and insights to our organization's endeavors to support the mental health of Bangladeshi students. General Gani has exhibited exceptional interpersonal skills and intellectual engagement throughout diverse strata of society, both domestically and internationally.
His extensive military service has been marked by unwavering patriotism, honesty, dedication, and a strong moral character. These qualities have not only contributed to his distinguished career but also made him an ideal advisor for our organization. Having served in critical UN assignments, including Somalia UNISOM-2 (1993-94) and South Sudan UNMISS (2005-06), General Gani possesses a deep understanding of global challenges and the importance of mental well-being in conflict-ridden regions.
Furthermore, his diplomatic assignment as Defense Attaché in Kuwait, Qatar, and Bahrain Embassies (Nov 2012–Dec 2016) showcases his ability to navigate international environments effectively, fostering collaboration and understanding among diverse cultures. General Gani's academic achievements are equally impressive. He holds a diverse educational background, from SSC and HSC at Rajshahi Cadet College to a Master of Defense Studies, a Master of War Studies, and even an M. Phil. and Ph.D. from Jahangir Nagar University. His intellectual prowess and dedication to learning underscore his commitment to holistic problem-solving.
In the realm of publication, he has authored three books and numerous articles in various military and nonmilitary journals and newspapers. He has also been an active participant in multiple seminars and symposiums, both nationally and internationally, further showcasing his commitment to continuous growth and knowledge sharing. His distinguished military career, which began with his commissioning on June 10, 1983, culminated with his retirement on June 21, 2017.As an ex-infantry officer of the Bangladesh Army, he underwent rigorous training in Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, and Indonesia. Notably, he completed the Defense Services Command and Staff Course, the Armed Forces War Course (Bangladesh), and the International Senior Defense Management Course (USA), reflecting his dedication to professional development. His vast experience, education, international exposure, and commitment to knowledge exchange make him an invaluable asset to our advisory body. We are confident that his insights will significantly contribute to our mission of supporting the mental health and well-being of Bangladeshi students.

Introducing Our Esteemed Advisory Body Member

We are delighted to introduce Rukshana Yeasmin, a distinguished member of our advisory body at Project Rummana. With an impressive career spanning 38 years in the Youth Ministry in Bangladesh, Rukshana Yeasmin brings a wealth of expertise and insights to our organization's mission of supporting the mental health of Bangladeshi students. Rukshana Yeasmin is renowned for her specialized knowledge in youth education and development, particularly in the context of mental health support and positive mindset enforcement. Her extensive experience in the youth ministry sector underscores her unwavering commitment to the betterment of young individuals in Bangladesh.

Having received education and training in multiple countries, including Sri Lanka, Indonesia, and India, Rukshana Yeasmin possesses a truly global perspective on youth education and mental well-being. This international exposure has equipped her with a unique skill set to address the diverse challenges faced by Bangladeshi students. Rukshana Yeasmin's dedication to youth development is evident in her educational pursuits and training. She has leveraged her experiences to refine her approach to fostering positive mental health and instilling a growth-oriented mindset among the youth.

In addition to her extensive career, Rukshana Yeasmin's commitment to knowledge sharing is exemplified by her active participation in seminars, workshops, and training programs both within Bangladesh and across borders. Her dedication to continuous learning further reinforces her ability to stay abreast of the latest developments in the field. Rukshana Yeasmin's invaluable expertise is a result of her lifelong dedication to nurturing the well-being of young minds. Her unique blend of experience, international exposure, and specialized training make her an ideal advisor for our organization's mission. We are confident that Rukshana Yeasmin's insights will significantly contribute to our efforts to enhance the mental health and positive mindset of Bangladeshi students

Founder’s Story

"Two years ago, I embarked on a profound mission to create Project Rummana. It was my toughest ambition as stigma and taboo is adamantly strong in our society, Bangladesh. Today, as I reflect on our journey, I am humbled and proud of the positive impact we have had on the student population of Bangladesh. At Project Rummana, our purpose is clear – to provide vital mental health education, resources, and awareness to the young minds of our nation. Our goal is ambitious, yet we stand determined to be the first and attempt to be the best mental health service provider in every educational facility across Bangladesh.

Rooted in empathy, passion, unity, and growth, our core values have been the guiding force behind our efforts. As a student-run organization, we understand the unique challenges our fellow students face, and we take great pride in being for the students and by the students. Through our groundbreaking work, we have witnessed the transformative power of our services in schools. Students are growing mentally, embracing positive mental health, and shining brightly in their academic and personal pursuits, a vision that we have brought to reality. Project Rummana is not just pioneering but trailblazing. As the first non-profit organization in Bangladesh focused on mental health education for students, we have made a resolute commitment to a specific audience that truly matters to us – the young minds shaping the future of our nation.

Innovation is at the heart of our approach, and we eagerly embrace change to meet the evolving needs of our clients. To ensure transparency and accountability, we maintain an open policy on financials, empowering our investors and donors to witness the direct impact of their support on the lives we touch. Every day, we are driven by a shared purpose – to save lives through mental health advocacy. Our organizational culture thrives on positivity and enthusiasm, creating a nurturing environment where everyone feels empowered to contribute their best. As we move forward, we stand united and resolute in our commitment to bring about lasting change in the lives of students across Bangladesh. Together, with our compassionate team, devoted supporters, and valued partners, we will continue to illuminate the path to better mental health for generations to come and I invite you to join us on this path.

Taqiul Ghani

Founder, Project Rummana